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A campaign aimed at convincing restaurant owners to provide the option of local bottled water. Drinking local, as opposed to imported water, saves the consumer money, supports local businesses and helps the environment.

I Drink Local

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Why you should
drink local water

why places are not serving local water

“The plastic bottle isn’t attractive”

“It doesn’t match our brand concept”

“We have special supplier contracts that prevent us from offering local water”

“We don’t make as much – margins are much lower with local water”

“Our customers prefer imported water”

Imported water is expensive

1 bottle of imported water is an average of 4 times more expensive than local water.

You can save about 4,000 dirhams a year by drinking local water.

1 liter of imported water costs about the same as 3 liters of petrol.


Water being imported from anywhere means it has to travel – often for weeks and sometimes months – resulting in drastically reduced freshness.

A majority of imported water comes from Europe, which means it has to travel about 4,000 km by ships and trucks, wasting that time in storage, before it can reach our mouths in the UAE.

Sometimes water travels even farther – one popular brand is bottled and shipped from more than 14,000 kilometers away.


Local water is a comparatively eco-friendly alternative to imported water – less kilometers spent traveling means far less carbon emissions. Keeping in mind that we have water available locally, shipping water is a wasteful practice.

Distances from water sources to UAE (in km):

  • Lebanon 2,136 km
  • Turkey 2,845 km
  • Czech Republic 4,460 km
  • Italy 4,492 km
  • Switzerland 4,914 km
  • France 5,133 km
  • Norway 5,140 km
  • Scotland 5,846 km
  • Fiji 14,206 km


+Happier society

+More jobs created

+More equipment and goods

+Positive impact on economy